Homer’s grave

ImageSo I thought I would do a quick post asking what have you done with your homer grave.I think you could spot them around your town because you get so many when you finish the mission altogether.I have added myn to my mini graveyard however some people dident have the game when the spooky wall was out so you may just want to use the iron railing.You could also use the head from the FP prize like I have and it gives your grave yard a nice effect.please feel free to share your ideals mabey you can give me a few tips?

7 thoughts on “Homer’s grave

    • Screenshot your image using your phone… then press ‘share ‘ and press ‘copy link’then come over here to tstoaddicts And tap into the comment box and then find the button on your keyboard to paste And your image will pop in there then press ‘post’… hope this helps… happy tapping

  1. i wish the gravestone didnt have homers pic on it. i would’ve made a graveyard with about 7 of those graves but it doesnt work if you have homers face on the stone

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