Updated Spoiler Info – Could Easter Be On The Way?

I’ve found more stuff pertaining to a possible Easter update and as usual you’ll need to click below the warning to see it!

I take no responsibility for posting these images all credit is due to the original uploader, whoever they may be.

If I find more info, I’ll let you know!


More images of the alleged event splash screen have been posted online. The first image is the one I shared yesterday. The second is a clearer version of the same image uploaded by another user and the third is a photo of what is presumably meant to be a promotional image from the Kindle Fire App Store.

Also, check our forums for something that may or may not be a spoiler. I’m not going to post it here because it could all be a hoax. You don’t need a ProBoards account to view this info, only if you wish to comment on it.

SEE: http://tappedoutdaily.proboards.com/thread/19/version-4-8-development?page=1&scrollTo=120


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