With Easter Just A Week Away


With Easter being just a week away it seems that EA ought to release this update soon, if there is going to be one. I’ve been speculating on things that may appear and things that I’d also enjoy seeing. With a splashscreen being thrown around it appears likely that this update is coming. While the game, being 2 years old, is very predictable I’d like to see EA change some events up in the future, by adding new ones and removing some old less liked ones. If we’re having this event I expect them to release it Monday, after the episode tie in or mid-week.

This Easter I’d like to see a tie in with the episode, The Land of Chocolate, and have maybe a way to trade in Easter eggs for chocolate redeemable on a prize wheel or something along that. If you haven’t seen the land of chocolate episode you can watch some of it on hulu, here http://www.hulu.com/watch/33844 So, what would you like to see, and when do you hope for this update to appear?


3 thoughts on “With Easter Just A Week Away

  1. I would love to see awesome gifts on a chocolate wheel like new fun buildings, characters or new skins for present characters. Or bring back more characters from the grave like Bleeding Gums Murphy. Also what about whacking day?. I so wanted items from that event!

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