Event Preparation: What Can I Do?

With any event, or rumour of an event, comes an inevitable question, ”What Can I Do To Prepare?”. Well, here at Tapped Out Daily we’ve got you covered! This is in no way a comprehensively exhaustive list, it only covers the absolute essentials! Here’s a run down of what you can do to make sure you’re ready for an event;



Friends are an important thing to have at any time of the year. But never more so then during an event! Events usually require some sort of special currency to be had in order to get all of the prizes. The only way to get this currency, without spending doughnuts on it, is through your friends. Every player can have up to 100 neighbours so I’d suggest getting as close as possible to that number to ensure that you have the best chance possible to earn all of the prizes. I’d also suggest that you go though your neighbours now and remove the inactive ones. That way, when the event begins you know you’ve got 100 active neighbours eager to help you reach your goals!



For top level players who’ve been playing for a very long time this won’t be an issue. For lower level players however, it can cause some problems. As with any event, a majority of the decorations at least will cost cash. For lower level players, the ability to afford these items and continue on with the progression is tough. Your best option is to put all of your characters on one hour tasks. That way, each hour you have the potential to earn a couple thousand dollars. Of course this only works if you’re able to login every hour, if not, select tasks that suit you and just stick to that.



There are bound to be items that cost doughnuts. It’s inevitable really. With every past event there have been buildings, characters and decorations that cost doughnuts. It is after all, how EA make their money! Premium items in an event are no different then items that cost cash, they’re only available for a limited time! So if you want them, buy them while it’s possible! There’s always a chance that items that were originally intended to be limited time items stick around after the event, like Whacking Day last year, there’s no guarantee! So really, it’s up to you.



Do you have enough space? If not, you should consider making some! Land is essential during an event as it usually comes with a couple of buildings. If you haven’t got much space, I’d suggest getting rid of roads and rivers just until you can make room for the buildings elsewhere. If you haven’t bought all of the land yet, hold off on it until during the event when you have no other options. That way, you can spend your cash on whatever you want, instead of having to pick and choose!


8 thoughts on “Event Preparation: What Can I Do?

  1. I have been ready for this update for months. Got my land, money and donuts. EA better give us something good, I am ready to spend my donuts.

  2. Hi I was wondering if it was possible to make more land available to buy. I have all ready purchased all the land in springfield , all the water lotts and Krustyland. Would love to continue enjoying playing and purchasing future items so I NEED more land please……. Great game by the way and its exciting to me still because there are still a ton of characters to bring in maybe one day add Shellbyville lol…..

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