When Are We Likely To See An Update?

Eliza Simpson Detective

With all this talk of a possible update, I thought it would be a good idea to try figure out when we might get our next one. It’s all a matter of looking at previous updates really! Here are the dates of every content update we’ve had since the beginning of the year, as per our ‘Content Updates‘ page.


January 8 2014 – Episode Tie-in, ”Married to the Blob”

January 16 2014 – Level 38

January 29 2014 – Super Bowl 2014 (Limited Time Event)

February 5 2014 – Valentines Day 2014 (Limited Time Event)

February 26 2014 – Friend Points (Permanent Event)

March 5 2014 – Episode Tie-in, ”Diggs” & ”The Man Who Grew Too Much”

March 12 2014 – St. Patrick’s Day 2014 (Limited Time Event)

March 19 2014 – Episode Tie-in, ”The War of Art”

March 28 2014 – Level 39

April 9 2014 – Episode Tie-In, ”Days of Future Future”

After a quick check of some of these dates I’ve found that with the exception of Level 39, they all seem to have come on a Wednesday, even the Valentines Day update! So, that would, if EA stick to this pattern, mean that we should see an update this Wednesday. Of course, EA can do whatever they please and we could even see it tomorrow for all I know, but Wednesday seems the more likely bet here.


6 thoughts on “When Are We Likely To See An Update?

  1. U know what?! I have a FANTASTIC IDEA:

    Why not let EA include a feature that allows u to send whatever items to another town of ur choice!!

    A friend of mine couldnt afford a reindeer that I got from Christmas. And I have like 15 of em (I couldn’t resist as I love animals) lol.

    And I thought I wouldn’t mind sharing it with others to give it to them to keep permanently.

    I think this is a great idea!!

    If a friend of mine missed the opportunity of getting a Homer Grave then I would share 1 or 2 of mine and give it to them (him or her).

    Lets be sharing! Not selfish! 🙂

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