More waiting

ImageThe Easter update has landed but if your saving up doughnuts then sorry you have to do a 24 hour mission before you start.This has happened a few times like in the Halloween 2013 update you had to build the fortune telling shop before the decorations piped up. So sorry if you thought you could get straight in the game but at least you can save money up and can re do your world to create more space so enjoy the new update happy tapping.


4 thoughts on “More waiting

  1. I can’t complete the first part for 4 days as Apu has got 4 days left of a job. Am i the only one this has happened to.

    • Sounds like you gave Apu his 7 day task 3 days ago. If you don’t mind losing 3 days of progress on that task, just check the Kwik E Mart into nventory and then place it back in the game. Apu will be free for other tasks when you do that.

  2. I used 36 doughnuts to speed itt up. Fun update. Took care of overshadowing glitch. Collect eggs win prizes. And there is a bunny that flies !

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