New Feature

ImageHe everyone, I have just discovered something I don’t know if you have noticed yet or not but when you place a decoration from your storage, for example, a shrub say you have 10 in storage and you place them and then you go to place the 11 it will let you and say -25 if you want to buy new decorations and you have some in your storage you can carry on and not have to go to store and search for the item. Happy tapping


5 thoughts on “New Feature

  1. I liked how it is easier placing them. But a warning you are purchasing them would have been nice… I had another springfield but when I visited it to work I could not log out. I had to uninstall and reinstall the game not sure if it will continue to be a problem..

  2. I don’t like this new feature .. I bought 6 campfires as I was placing my 3 and 6 more showed up … this is a sleazy way to get more money from players not paying close attention

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