Add me

Hello everyone iv resigned my friends list Looking for active friends any level I’m level 39 daily player and i visit friends daily add me haribo9191 everyone who sends me a request has to be active during Easter for best possible results.happy tapping

39 thoughts on “Add me

  1. I can’t add you :/ there seems to be an error. Add me, I’ll add any active player. Daily player and a level 39.

  2. I added u but u gotta except me. I know you’re popular no worries mate. I’m a level 39 maximum friendpoint level. Jjfliers256. I need friends I’ve had to drop several. Thanks!!

  3. In having trouble adding people from my smart phone and online at origin it it’s saying ‘the person you are searching for are not online’so I have three sports and I wanna full um with good friends…. please add me samanthagi350 as I can’t add you… could you also comment here if you do… thanks happy tapping

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