Common & Uncommon Eggs; Explained

Well, after visiting all but two of my neighbours, because they had nothing to tap on, I feel reasonably confident in that I can explain common and uncommon eggs.


Common Eggs

Common eggs are the colour eggs you find most often in your Springfield or whilst out visiting neighbours. So that means if you find more blue, than you do pink, your common egg is blue. If you find more pink, your common egg is pink. Seems simple enough.

Uncommon Eggs

Uncommon eggs are basically the opposite to common eggs. They are the eggs you find least often. Meaning, if you find blue a lot of the time, your uncommon egg is pink. It the opposite if you find pink more often then not. Your uncommon egg will be blue.


8 thoughts on “Common & Uncommon Eggs; Explained

  1. This is really confusing. Blue is my common, pink is my uncommon, but I screwed up and put like 200 blue in a friend’s basket, then did the pink as well. I think you have to know which is which for YOU and ONLY place common eggs. I literally lost hundreds of eggs that I really wanted. Ugh.

  2. I’ve noticed that the rabbits tend to hide within the trees. I have a lot of groves of trees, so I shock them to make sure any aren’t hiding. Doing this has paid off. I’m finding tons of rabbits hiding and getting more eggs.

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