Event Currency – What Is It This Time?

As long time players will know, with each fairly substantial event, we’re given some kind of limited edition currency. For example, at Halloween we had goo and for Christmas we had gift cards. But what is it this time? Well, it’s a bit odd this time around. There is a limited time currency, which this year is eggs, but oddly enough, there are three DIFFERENT types of egg.

The eggs are available in three different colours – blue, pink and gold. The blue and pink eggs are the most kind of egg you’ll find, although you could find more of one then the other. Golden eggs though, they’re rare.

Blue and pink eggs can be gotten from visiting neighbours and tapping on their buildings (but not from spray painting) by doing your regular daily actions. Gold, as I’ve said, is rare. Gold eggs cannot be obtained from neighbours. They are instead obtained through turning in your blue and pink eggs in for their respective prizes. I’ll be posting more on prizes later on today. So, it’s a little confusing right now but I hope to clear it all up (or make it worse) through other posts later today.


18 thoughts on “Event Currency – What Is It This Time?

  1. Its like the ghost sucking thingy from the Halloween… Just press and hold finger down and drag over city and any little cute bunny that gets in the way gets stunned!;) happy hunting

  2. When I’ve read other posts there is something about not being able to collect eggs without purchasing a basket for 10 donuts and once it’s full you have to purchase another basket…. it’s there no other way of getting a basket…. my bunny and egg hunting starts tonight when the whacking day prep finishes… I want to know everything before I start haha

  3. I got a basket, it filled up and then disappeared when I tapped to collect the eggs. However the very next bunny I tapped gave me a new basket so I’m pretty sure you only have to buy them once.

    • I think you get them randomly by zapping bunnies. I didn’t buy one, but I got one from a bunny very early. when it was full it disappeared and I haven’t got a new one yet 😦

  4. I think I was wrong about the baskets. I tapped on a full basket today and haven’t got another free one yet so maybe you do have to buy another one once they’re full. Waste of doughnuts imho

  5. Not too happy with this update. Only two items there are not premium. Seems like EA is more concerned about getting us to but more and more donuts then letting us get free items like at other events. So far not even close to what I thought the update would bring to us.

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