What Was Your First Prize?

Tapped Out Easter Fence.png

By now many of you will have redeemed your first prize. Be it the blue box or the pink, they’ve both got pretty good prizes! But, what was your first prize? Did you get something amazing like the Blocko Store or something not so great like fences? I got those Easter fences. Do let us know below!

47 thoughts on “What Was Your First Prize?

  1. I got screwed on moving eggs and ended up with a heck of a lot less than I started. what’s up with the stupid baskets in friend’s springfields?

  2. I got fences as well, hoping to get something good soon in the blue box though, will let you know when I do it.

  3. I’ve gotten a couple loads of golden eggs, two trees, and three sets of fencing. Hoping for something really fun soon!

  4. Pond, even more worthless than fences since it doesn’t add up to donuts.

    add me Simpsonite69, very frequent player and I always leave tasks open for my friends.

  5. Only opened blue boxes so far. First was (unsurprisingly!) fences, then got 100 gold eggs. Opening pink soon, finger’s crossed for a good one.

  6. I got golden eggs then the beach towel and umbrella and then fences! Im dying to get father sean, shary bobbins, the lizards and that bunny! Bring on the eggs

  7. Got 100 golden eggs from a blue box but NEED an Easter fence to finish the quest. While you all didn’t want the fence, I needed the fence. Accidently clicked on a few baskets as well but I’m happy that I helped my neighbors. Add me: harryjang1. P.S. If anyone knows how to get the Simpsons DS game free on a device, tell me ASAP. Thanks 🙂

    • there is no legal way to get it for free but i guess you know that 🙂
      there are ds emulators for the phone but personally i dont like em cuz the phone is way smaller than a ds and you have to devide your phones screen in half. if you have a ds with a flash card or an emulator for the pc i might be able to help 😉

  8. So far just 100 golden eggs twice and a beach towel. Fingers crossed for something fun soon, kind of blah so far.

    I have some open friend slots, add RVKremer

  9. It’s not far that others can collect from others but we can’t collect from there’s that’s not right ,and I get over 400 eggs than I go down to 60 what’s going on if we can collect from others they shouldn’t be able to collect from ours,how are we supposed to get what we need if others are not being far playing the game, and a lot of people are cheating using credit cards that shouldn’t be allowed cuz the rest of us can’t afford to use credit cards and get what everyone has,I like this game but it’s not playing far to the rest of us…we can’t get our quest if others are being greedy,what can we do to gain points like the rest,like some people have over 4,000 eggs ” really now”” not far to the rest of us??

  10. My first pink box gave me 100 yellow eggs. Felt cheated because I couldn’t use them and I had nothing to show for my trouble

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