Claiming Prizes; Explained

Tapped Out Easter Egg Pile.png

Got a load of eggs and don’t know how to trade them in for some cool prizes? Fear not! Follow this short step-by-step guide and you’ll be getting some awesome prizes very soon!

  1. Tap the Easter button on the bottom right corner of your screen (the one with eggs on it).
  2. Click ”View” for whichever box you want to trade eggs for.
  3. Under the box tap the ”500” button.
  4. You will be given your prize.

You can only get a box if you have 500 eggs of the same colour. That means, if you have 500 blue eggs you can trade them in for a blue box ONLY. The same goes for the other coloured eggs.


3 thoughts on “Claiming Prizes; Explained

  1. One question: if you place a pink basket: do you GET pink eggs in return for blue ones, or do you GIVE pink eggs?

  2. Bilbosmile, if you give 100 blue eggs you get 50 pink and vice versa. You can only swap eggs in batches of 100. Hope that helps 😊

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