My favourite part of easter

ImageI don’t know about you but I know that I have been wanting crazy cat lady for a while and now that she has came I’m happy because she has really funny animations like for Easter you send her to throw bunnys however i think after Easter it will turn to cats.Her house also comes with her this is a added bonus because some premium characters don’t come with a house so if your looking for a new premium character I would recommend her.


18 thoughts on “My favourite part of easter

  1. I agree crazy cat lady is awesome. By the way Haribo I sent you a friend request, you might be full already but if you have a dud on there delete them and add me okay – Im dying to walk through your town!!! (I am JulieLukie in the game) Is that an actual screen shot from your game?? do you really have 50 thousand pink and blue eggs??? And the friends button does that say 500? Can we have 500 friends now? It used to be limit 100 right?

    • Speaking of friends, I removed several non active players and the game automatically replaced them with new players. What the heck! Aren’t I supposed to be able to choose my own friends?

  2. Ha I will do my best to add you I’m sorting out my town right now with all the Easter stuff and yes that’s a pic of my town

  3. Was happy when the CrazyCatLady came out. The monkey was a nice touch… Did u all see the chocolate mini bunnies hopping in ur krustyland? They’re neat except dont do anything… Krustyland should have an Easter themed ride and those chocolate bunnies should be able to do something else other than hopping around lol.

  4. Does anyone know if the store is down? I was trying to buy some donuts and it is not being offered. Help!! Would love to get the crazy cat lady.

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