What’s In The Box: Pink Edition

Here’s everything you can win from the blue prize box!

Image Name
Egg Council Guy.png Egg Council Guy
(or PinkEgg.png250)
Johnny Fiestas Tapped Out.png Johnny Fiestas
(or PinkEgg.png250)
Tapped Out Easter Pond.png Easter Pond
Tapped Out Easter Egg Pile.png Easter Egg Pile
Tapped Out Easter Fence.png Easter Fence
Tapped Out 100 Gold Eggs.png GoldEgg.png100 (If Pink Is Your Common Egg)
Tapped Out 300 Gold Eggs.png GoldEgg.png300 (If Blue Is Your Common Egg)

4 thoughts on “What’s In The Box: Pink Edition

  1. Can you explain the “or 250 eggs of your non-dominate-egg color” thing? Are you saying I can get prizes from other boxes not by the random generator?

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