Is it possible to get all the prizes?

After looking at tapped out daily’s recent post I was thinking without spending doughnuts it seems impossible to get all the prizes.Last year I liked whacking day because it was easier to get all the prizes I was only just starting the game and I got all the prizes.I think ea should bring back the old way like Halloween last year I like knowing what I’m getting not by chance.It seems easier and you can set your goals you can’t do this with the new update.So I hope the next possible update is like like Halloween or christmas or whacking day what do you think?Happy tapping.

26 thoughts on “Is it possible to get all the prizes?

  1. I agree, I’m disappointed in this update. I have been playing since July 2013, and even spent quite a bit of money on doughnuts over the past several months. There are too few rabbits, with the eggs being too hard to come by, unless you spend money, which takes the fun away. Not to mention, only two new decorations available without spending doughnuts, other than those in the prize boxes, I’m about to point point I don’t really care ….. What a big let down… This is the worst big update since I’ve started playing the game, I’ve been wondering if it’s time for me to retire…

  2. I agree I would hold on untell the next update many people agree and ea might change its just another way for them to get money

    • Last night I got two baskets along with eggs as I zapped bunnies, but none today. I enjoy the ideas behind this update, but agree that it’s a bit heavy on the donuts…I’m hoping EA will realize that.

  3. I’ve been playing since oktober 2013. didn’t spend any money on the game. And not plannig on doing that. By not spending donuts I saved just up to 63. When time is right I will spend it on premium things.. Not on some stupid eggs. I already know that I will never get all the prizes

  4. Yes it is possible… With donuts… And u gonna nd a lot of that to buy pink boxes and collect the gold coins and try playing the gold boxes until u get em all. It really sucks I know however that is how…

  5. I really don’t know what everyone is whining about. This event haven’t even lasted a week yet! This is not the first event that seems impossible to max out, and with all the events that has been since I started well over a year ago, I have completed everything before time runs out and end up bored with it instead. I do, however agree that there are too few eggs, and that it seems it will be a struggle to complete this one, but I repeat; this is the very first week. We don’t know what EA has in store, and somehow I think (hope) that it will get easier along the way. In the meantime, enjoy the wonderful humor and the sound of zapping rabbits. Happy tapping.

  6. Hey guys 🙂 I have a tone of doughnuts but i dunno what is the best stuff to buy. Could you pls pls pls list what is the best stuff to buy 🙂

  7. You get say 500 blue eggs you click the box and you get stupid egg thing thats good for nothing. Blues are not easy to get so you should get at least some thing of use..not crap. Bit of a waste sadly….

    • Seems to be a given that the only way to get all the stuff you want is to buy tons of doughnuts and wind up with tons of extra stuff in inventory taking up space …..argggg!

      • I agree as well to the knowing what prizes you will be getting. It is aggravating with these “chance” prizes. EA programs the satistics of our chances of winning the non replica items. Those peoples need to ease up. I also agree that without doughnuts you probably will fail at getting them all, I am grateful to be blessed enough to buy doughnuts when I please. I have bought over 100 doughnuts worth of blue eggs still cannot land on egg counsel guy 😦 .

  8. Though the bunnies are funny and nice decorations etc. it all looks good, the playing itself is once more frustating. Working hard to get those eggs, finally 500 and what will you get ? Fences, fences and more fences. We should not be so greedy, is that the lesson we are thought? Well, maybe I should get a shooter game ..;)

  9. I can’t remember the update. I think it was the Halloween one. The collection goals were far to un reachable. All of the sud on there was an update and the numbers were easy to reach. Not saying they will do it again but there’s hope. I still play daily but like many others I’ve run into am teetering on the keep it or delete it fence. At 500 eggs per prize I get one a day. If this update lasts until next Easter I might have a chance of finishing.

  10. We want a challenge, if its to easy then that’s boring, frustration is just as bad. I got enough fences from valentines update and with these fences i could go round the world twice lol.
    They have set it up like a fruit machine with a small chance of winning. We will keep trying because in the end we love the game. It is fun…..the carrot crop was a good idea at least.

    Good luck to you all and hope your having a happy Easter.

  11. Well, the tide “may” have shifted as I’ve opened three boxes today and have won premium prizes in each (Chirpy and Bart Jr from the pink box, Johnny Fiestas from the blue box, and Banana Dictatorship from the gold box!). Here’s hoping EA has loosened the strings on these prizes a bit more.

  12. HELP!

    I’m a blue earner, but my prizes are changed. The blocko store is now in the pink boxes.

    Am I the only one with this problem?

  13. Anyone had a problem with carrots? Nothing happening when I collect them, only the first time there was a bunch of Rabbits…

  14. Since a few days when i visit my neighbours i get only 4 blue and 1 pink egg and thant 3 blue and 1 pink and so on. But before it started with 10 blue 1 pink than 5 blue 1 pink. This means i miss out on 270 blue and 42 pink eggs if i’m correct. This way it takes me forever to get the prizes.

    Also when i visit my neighbours 5 out of 10 times i don’t get to collect xp.

    Do any of you have these problems? And what can i do to fix them?

  15. I can’t believe the aggression in some of the posts on this thread. It’s just a game so calm down. If you don’t like the site, don’t visit.

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