What Are The Odds Of Winning Something Good?

These percentages were gotten by spAnser.

Blue Common chance % 
Pink Common chance % 

Pink Easter Box 
Chirpy Boy & Bart Junior 2% 5% (Can’t be awarded before 12 boxes, guaranteed at 80 boxes)
Blocko Store 3% 5% (Can’t be awarded before 12 boxes, guaranteed at 81 boxes) 
Easter Fence x3 20% 20% 
Beach Towel & Umbrella 15% 12.5% 
Easter Tree 15% 12.5% 
Gold Eggs x100 0% 45% 
Gold Eggs x300 45% 0% 

Blue Easter Box 
The Egg Council Guy 5% 2% (Can’t be awarded before 12 boxes, guaranteed at 81 boxes)
Johnny Fiestas 5% 3% (Can’t be awarded before 12 boxes, guaranteed at 80 boxes) 
Easter Pond 12.5% 15% 
Easter Egg Pile 12.5% 15% 
Easter Fence x3 20% 20% 
Gold Eggs x100 45% 0% 
Gold Eggs x300 0% 45% 

Yellow Easter Box 
Sharry Bobbins 2% chance (Can’t be awarded before 20 boxes, guaranteed at 80 boxes. 
Hugs Bunny 3% (Guaranteed at 81 boxes) 
Father Sean 5% (Guaranteed at 50 boxes) 
Bunny #24601 12% (Guaranteed at 20 boxes) 
Banana Dictatorship 16% (Guaranteed at 15 boxes) 
Easter Gate 17% 
Kodos Topiary 7% 
Kang Topiary 7% 
Pastel Picket Fence 31% 


14 thoughts on “What Are The Odds Of Winning Something Good?

  1. Reading this it is clear to me, I won’t get nether a building nor a character, It is the worst update since I started in Sep. 2013 not even comparable to Halloween or Christmas 2013, not one Community prize ???

    • Nope, you’re definitely not the only one. I’m quite disappointed as well…
      All the good prizes can be found in the golden box only and i’ve just got a hundred or something… I mean, who needs this damn egg decoration?? (I “won” 2 of them :/ )
      Sharry bobbins can’t bei awarded before 20 boxes?! I’d be glad if i was able to buy 5 during this event, but whatever…

  2. Im locked out of game while EA figures out what happened to my town Sigh. I dont know which is worse, unable to play or play while unable to win prizes!
    Day 4 and counting…

  3. Well, with new games like Family Guy coming up, EA is gonna lose players like me with these silly random boxes. Hated Valentines Day wheel and hating these boxes. Probably will take one more silly random prize event to turn me off Simpsons totally. So sad.

  4. The best advice I can give is to make sure you have the max no of friends possible so you can collect as many eggs as possible every day.
    The social aspect is very important for the updates. If you don’t embrace that the events will seem pretty crap.

  5. I am guessing it means 12 boxes total no 12 boxes of that color. I Just got Johnny Fiestas and have not had 12 blue boxes. Also first Gold and only gold box was Banana Dictatorship

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