BlueStacks Updated, No Longer Supports Tapped Out!

For those of you who use BlueStacks to play Tapped Out, know that’s it’s been updated and now it no longer supports Tapped Out!

It’s not known if BlueStacks plan on releasing a further update to fix this issue, but I’ll keep checking and let you know if something changes


7 thoughts on “BlueStacks Updated, No Longer Supports Tapped Out!

  1. This is the solution!!!!

    I just upgraded my video drivers (If it’s an AMD driver you need, go to and it will autodetect which driver you need) and it worked. I didn’t even need to reboot.

    I agree with all the complaints here, but for folks who are just looking for a fix, regardless of who’s to blame, I say upgrade your video driver.

    • it doesn’t work, my drivers are all updated and it still black screens

      bluestacks is so fucking lame, they don’t do shit.

  2. Bad news. Up to a couple of days ago, the game was crashing sometimes, but still worked. But it seems EA changed the system requirements (and didn’t update Google Play with the new info) and now older phones don’t work – and neither does Bluestacks (and I have the latest version). I can’t download the latest update! We really are screwed over now.

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