Your Thoughts On Easter

So, by now you’ve had a good go at Tapped Out’s latest limited time update! So I’d like to ask you what are your thoughts in this event and what would you have liked to see improved, added or replaced?


38 thoughts on “Your Thoughts On Easter

  1. Don’t mind the bunny hunt or the quest line but hating the prize structure. It’s all based on chance rather than 1000 for the first prize, 3000 for the 2nd etc. the wheel wasn’t as bad cos it was run along side a more linear structure, and you knew, as long as you collected items at the appropriate rate you were guaranteed to get all of the main prizes, with a chance of some premium decorations on the wheel. It’s ok them building in a ‘guarantee’ after 80 boxes, but so far I’ve opened 4 pink boxes and 2 gold ones. I know this might improve once I get the 2 decent items from the blue box and start exchanging blue eggs for pink ones, but I’m already writing off my chances of getting 2 of the best prizes – Father Sean and Shary Bobbins – which I haven’t done at this point in any other update.

  2. I really doubt that i’ll get all the prizes, eggs are too hard to earn and all i win are fences.
    But other than that, its pretty cool.

  3. I am a player who plays all day trying to maximize the amount of eggs I can get…I also spent donuts on the crazy cat lady who can also earn donuts and I have about 90 neighbors….so far I have found it very slow getting enough eggs to get the prizes…as the quest goes along more characters unlock the ability to earn eggs and given that the game runs well into may I am encouraged that I will eventually earn at least some of the decent prizes (I hope). But I will say it does feel frustrating when it reverts to you can only earn 1 egg for each neighbor action for like the next hundred actions or whatever it is.

    • I think it’s a given with these updates that you have to play 3 or 4 times a day and collect from all your neighbours – I don’t have so much of a problem with that (although I do agree it’s frustrating that you get more from your first 15/20 neighbours than all the others combined). But with previous updates you knew that if you did play and collect from neighbours every day, you’d earn all the prizes. This time it’s too much of a lottery, combined with the slowness of egg earnings which mean you have even fewer chances.

  4. Don’t like the Easter stuff can barely get thesgock device to work so I just tapped theme could do without the Easter stuff.

  5. I love all the events that u have but with this Easter one it would be nice if we could gather the bunnies from Krustyland as well. We also should have better access to both pink and blue eggs equally! Not to mention when we win on prize it should go off the list to better give us access to all prizes!!!!

  6. Not loving this event. It’s slow, tedious & I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t be able to get most of the “good” prizes let alone all of them since I refuse to spend donuts to get eggs. Playing this event is becoming more of a grind than playing when there are no updates. They either need to change the odds on the prizes or vastly increase the number of eggs we get playing.

    FYI, I discovered that if you’re away from the game for an extended period of time you need to clear your SF of a good number of bunnies BEFORE collecting carrots from Cletus’s farm. I didn’t to that and was rewarded with NO bunnies from the farm. I assume it’s because my SF was at it’s bunny number max.

  7. Not relevant to this post really except since the update I have noticed that I’m not getting the 25 XP from all my neighbours any more after collecting from them, has any other players got this problem, I have tried switching my iPad on and off several times to no avail.

  8. I heard on a blog that if our neighbor has baskets you don’t trade …technically we’re not fulfilling the duty to ‘help ‘ our neighbor therefore don’t get 25xp…. however as I took more notice there were still times I didn’t get it even when they didn’t have a basket… so it’s a bit confusing

    • Oh right, well I’m doing my neighbours in the next hour so I will check as I go through them and see if this is the case, if so it’s rather unfair if you have no eggs to trade with and you’d need 1000’s to do every neighbour if they all had baskets, which is impossible.

      • I agree… I’m gonna do the same now…. I’ve got my other half of my friend list do and I’ll check to as I go along…. I think the execution of the baskets hasn’t worked… it complicates things… you should be able to trade eggs without baskets and we should be able to get way more eggs than…. one…. one…. one….
        But you never know we may look back once we’ve finished the event and realise we had plenty of time and we were just panicking lol

      • Well I’ve done half my neighbours and out of the ones I managed to complete I had 20 with no baskets and got 25XP, and 20 with baskets, 2 gave me the XP the other 18 didn’t so I would have needed 1,800 eggs to give away which is crazy and never going to happen so early in the game when we have to try and get the items ourselves so the game planners have made a mess of that brilliant (not) idea. Also they are too stingy giving out the baskets as well, as if we had more and got given more eggs maybe we could afford to give some back but I have to keep all mine at the moment, and I’m quite a regular player during the day, at least 3/4 times to catch the rabbits and still not getting enough to spare yet as only getting two baskets a day if I’m lucky.

      • The basket muddle the whole process….some have some don’t, and eggs…. I’ve felt bad not donating eggs (only done it three times ) but it’s a challenge to tot up enough eggs to get a box open once a day

  9. Not loving this update at all. I have not gotten any good prizes and the first try with my 500 gold eggs was a gate. Wish it was more like the Christmas or valentines. At least you knew what your were going to get. Here it is just a crap shoot. All in all I do like the bunnies and eggs, the idea is sound but the prize awards are not.

  10. I dont like it. No to be mean or anything but really each time they change something it’s for the worst. I miss last year when you had a goal to achieve and knew for sure that for your effort you’ll get your prize. Though last year i didnt get all the prizes i know it was because i had been busy and didnt put the effort needed to win them. But this time i just feel like no matter what i’ll never get all the prizes. Plus the chance to get multiple times “rewards” i dont want isnt appealing at all. At christmas already, the wheel put me off (just added things to stock) and now they did an even more absurd random prize distribution system!
    There’s like almost nothing you cant do without buying donuts anymore and EVEN if you buy donuts you’re not garanted to have what you want! That’s reaching for it. I know that’s how they make money but still it’s too much!!
    I liked before where everyone could win what was available. Either you took the time to play (freemium) or you wanted to speed things up and payed for it. Now freemium players really dont have a lot to look forwards to… If it wasnt the fact that i played for so long it’s hard to stop i would have deleted this app.
    Really hoping they get together and stop ruining tapped out just so they can earn more money!

  11. Should be more generous with the eggs, since prize boxes cost 500 eggs. If they want people to enjoy the game more and spend real money on donuts, be more generous with the eggs. We should also get 1 egg per handshake, to enstill the concept of being neighborly? We should be able to get eggs/bunnies in Krustyland, it’s suppose to be part of the town, so why not include it.

  12. I love the theory behind this update, tapping bunnys to get eggs to get prizes is a great idea. HOWEVER, the execution of this event was terrible. I have now accepted the fact that i will NEVER get any of the good prizes. I so wanted Shary Bobbins more than anything.
    So far from the blue box (my common) I’ve got 2 sets of fences, 2 ponds, a pile of eggs and a few sets of golden eggs.
    From the pink, one set of golden eggs and a beach towel.
    And from the golden box, a picket fence.

    I’ll never get any good prizes as i refuse to buy donuts to get eggs..

  13. How does the game decide if you are pink or blue? Why is it so difficult to get the prizes why not just get prizes like we did with the friend points?

  14. HELP!

    I’m a blue earner, and in the beginning I saw the blue prizes in the blue boxes like announced on this site and others. But after two or three days, my blue prizes became pink ones and otherwise. So Johnny Fiestas is now a blue box prize and Blocko Store is now a pink box prize.

    Am I really the only one who has this problem? Nobody seems to have this too… I hope you will post this one, because it’s my fourth try to post this…

    • My prizes changed boxes too. I don’t know why. So you are not the only one. I don’t mind, as long as i get blocko. But with only four eggs to start when i visit instead of 10 like it was at the beginning of the event i’m not very hopelull. You said you posted this four times, it’s frustrating when nobody replies, i have the same with my post (see below) it’s the second one. I guess i try again somewhere else. Good luck getting the prizes!

  15. So so SLOW!!! This Easter event is really monotonous. It puts me in a mind to give up with Tapped Out altogether. It used to be fun to earn new items, now it is tedious, dull, boring and oh so laboured… zzzzzzzzzz!

  16. When the event started the first 12 actions gave me 10 blue eggs and 1 pink egg the next 30 actions gave me 5 blue eggs and 1 pink egg and so on. But since a week or so when i visit my neighbours i only get 4 blue and 1 pink egg than the number drops.

    So the first week i could open 3 or 4 blue boxes and 1 pink box a day. Now i’m happy if i get 2 blue boxes a day. I haven’t been able to get the pink box for 4 days. I play multiple times a day, use marge the witch to speed up bunny carrots and visit my friends daily and it still takes forever.

    Did anyone notice this or am i the only one? Maybe you know how to fix this?

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