Are You Following The Springfield Guide?

Are you trying to, or thinking of, remodelling your Springfield after the one in the show? If the answer was yes, then I have some good news for you! Here is a map of Springfield that you can use! It hasn’t been updated in a while though so some things could have changed in the show since then!

See a full screen version here:


8 thoughts on “Are You Following The Springfield Guide?

  1. I love it 😊 Thx for the map. Now all I need, is a better build menu.. with save settings for different layouts and a put all my stuff inn the backpack, button 😃

  2. I’ve been playing Tapped Out for quite some time and these days my playing time is mostly focused when an event is released. There is often the occasional glitch but on the Easter/Whacking Day I seem to be experiencing a massive issue with these blue and pink egg collection baskets. I bought 6 (yeah, I bought them) but nobody can deposit any eggs into them. They sit there dormant; I can’t store them or sell them so they becoming freakin useless. Anybody else going through this and have a potential fix. Please don’t suggest calling EA; The Simpsons may be one of their biggest app games but they reward that financial impact is rewarded with an email as a means of technical support. And if the insult of No dedicated support wasn’t bad enough, their response to your issue is a fact finding mission that the player is actually required to complete.

    Witness this required information from me before any offer of assistance or potential problem;

    1. Email address 2. Origin id (if available) 3. Game Name 4. Game Version (shown in App store/GooglePlay Store) 5. Type of bug (crash, gameplay, other) 6. Description of how the error was encountered 7. Device Type and Generation (iPhone 2g, 3g, 4g, Touch v1, v2, iPad 1, iPad 2, etc) : 8. Modem Firmware 9. Memory Capacity (4Gigs, 8Gigs,32Gigs,64Gigs) 10.Number of applications 11.Capacity(memory) 12.Available(memory) 13.Mayhem ID ( 14.If available attach screen shot of crash logs.

    In my humble opinion this does not constitute support, but rather the hope that I just give up.

    • I’ve seen this issue reported on a couple of websites now but nobody has given any concrete answer as to what exactly the problem/solution is. For the most part, people seem to agree on the fact that neighbours are not leaving eggs in others baskets for two reasons;

      1. They don’t know how the egg exchange thing works

      2. People are not swapping eggs until they’ve won all significant prizes such as the Blocko Store and the Bunny

      Do you think that they could be the reasons for the problems you’ve got? That there’s no issue with putting eggs in them but rather your neighbours are choosing not to leave any?

      • It, s not really a bargain, is it, giving 100 eggs and get 50 back? So as long as i do not have all items of my color i will not be swapping much . So it ‘s just being stingy in my case.

    • I’ve done more checking and you’re definitely not alone! I can tell you that EA is aware of this bug and are trying to fix it. In the meantime, they suggest that you add your name to this list (39 pages long so far)

      I know you’ve said you don’t want to contact them but I would suggest opening a support ticket with them and if you’ve already done it, do it again! That way, you can be assured they’re aware of the issues you’re having. Sorry I couldn’t be more help 😦

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