What’s The Deal With ‘Bunny Carrots’?


I’m sure by now most of you have reached part 8 of the Easter questline and have been asked to grow Bunny Carrots on Cletus’ Farm. But what do they do? Do you get anything in return? Of course you do!

They take four hours to grow and according to the on screen text, you’re awarded ‘Bunny Carrots’ Obviously that’s not entirely true! What you’re actually awarded is 12 bunnies, these bunnies will give you 12 eggs. That means if you grow them on average four times a day, you’ll get a total of 48 eggs a day more than you would’ve had you not been growing carrots!

 You do need to be careful though! You will NOT get any bunnies or eggs upon completion of growth if your town is over run with bunnies already. You won’t get any if your neighbour taps on your farm before you get a chance to harvest them either! I recommend growing Triffids overnight to avoid this possibility!


9 thoughts on “What’s The Deal With ‘Bunny Carrots’?

  1. you actually do still get the bunnies if your neighbor taps on your carrots it… I had cleared all my bunnies then tap the hands above my carrots & 12 bunnies appeared right by the farm.

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