Brown Bunnies In Krustyland?

Visited Krustyland recently? No? OK then! Well, on the off chance you have, you’ll noticed there’s been a bunny invasion there too! But it’s kind of pointless though because you can’t tap on them and they don’t generate any eggs for you to exchange for prizes! It’s kind of like the bunnies you see in your neighbours towns, they’re there to look at and that’s it! It must be EA’s way of including Krustyland in the event. It would be better if they gave us a prize we could actually use there though, like Halloween when we got that Kang (or Kodos) ride. Either way, Krustyland needs a major update, EA are neglecting it too much I think!


4 thoughts on “Brown Bunnies In Krustyland?

  1. One glitchy day all the shadows under the bunnies in my Krustyland turned into yellow heads. Not sure which character. By the time I had switched screen grab on it had gone back to normal. It was the highlight of my easter.

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