What Happens After I Complete The Easter Questline?

The Easter questline is pretty short with only 18 parts, meaning most of you will have finished it by now or are nearing the end of it. It is only meant to take just over 9 days if you begin the next mission as the previous one ends.But what happens when it end? Well, you start an all new ”egg” hunt! It’s not the kind of egg you’re used to looking for though! It’s actually a Fabergé Egg! A picture of it can be seen above.

It’s meant to be pretty rare but from what I’ve read, some people have found it after an hour while others still haven’t got it after five days of searching! However, if you don’t want to look for it you could always buy it for 100 doughnuts, the true meaning of ”freemium”!

But beware, I’ve heard that if buy it and then find it from zapping bunnies, the second one becomes obsolete because you’re only allowed have one Fabergé Egg in your town, no more!


27 thoughts on “What Happens After I Complete The Easter Questline?

  1. I finished the quest, was told about the egg and then got it in my first round of zapping! I guess I was a lucky one haha

  2. Has anybody else found that since the update they aren’t getting Easter egg baskets anymore as I haven’t had one since the update, which is really lessening my chance of getting my blue eggs given to me (as my main egg is pink).

  3. i got this egg too. I am disappointed in the amount of easter fences I have gotten….. actually makes buying an easter box a drag, I never get anything work being excited for, a few trees, some beach towels…. lots of fence, gold eggs, which just gave me the pastel fences…… I did get the pastor character and the lizards though.

    • Yeah 50 fences for 15 donuts isn’t going to happen for me. Thought last night I did get the Banana headquarters (I think that’s what it’s called) from the gold box. That’s my best pull yet. And I got the Egg Council guy this morning, but he doesn’t generate money, so I keep him stored.

      • Still don’t have the Faberge egg but I got the Banana Dictatorship and Fiesta Johnny’s so I guess I shoudn’t complain. I still want to get the Blocko store, I have an empty spot waiting to be filled by it.

  4. I have revived one basket since update
    Also I bought a fabroshi egg then got one later and it’s true one becomes obsolete and stuck in your inventory

  5. Anybody else get doughnuts while collecting eggs in a friends town? I think I have got at least 12 doughnuts from egg collecting.

  6. I guess I’m pretty lucky: I got the faberge egg right after I finished the quest, I’m still getting lots of egg baskets from rabbits and I’ve had about a dozen free donuts in the last couple of weeks from tapping neighbours buildings 😃

    • that’s right. but don’t worry. we got about 15 days left and when that’s over, I garentee you you’ll have it. it is o so simple.

    • Have you finished the Easter missions completely, as in all 18 parts? If so, I’ve seen it said online that once you complete the missions, you will not be randomly awarded baskets until after you find the Fabergé Egg. That being said, the odds of getting baskets from zapping bunnies is 0.3% so it’s ridiculously low anyway!

      • Oh ok, thanks for letting me know, if that’s correct then it’s starting to make this quest almost impossible to complete, so not much point keep playing it as without the baskets I can only get one blue box a day, as my eggs are pink so have to swap them, which again will come to a halt as all my neighbours start completing the mission as well. Very disappointing, as I completed my Easter missions days ago, and have been playing at least 5/6 times a day trying to get a basket and obviously have not managed to get the feberge egg, so will probably go back to just twice a day then unless they start playing fair again and reinstate the baskets ASAP. I liked the idea of the rabbits and eggs to start with, but now the fun has gone out of it all with not being given a fair chance to win anything decent.

  7. Im getting kind of bored. Its so hard to get the blue eggs. Its frustrating trading 100 pink for 50 blue. I still need the Mexican restaurant, sharri bobbins the priest, fabrage egg and 50 fences which I think are a fat chance of happening. When the friend visits go down to 1 egg per – Im like why bother at this point.

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