No Baskets After Completing The Easter Quests? EA Knows About It…


Did you recently finish the Easter questline and then suddenly stop receiving baskets from bunnies every now and then? Yeah? Well you’re not alone! I, along with many others, believed it had something to do with players not getting any more until they found the Fabergé Egg. As it turns out, that’s not the case at all. So, I’ve emailed EA and they’ve told me that the issue is in fact a bug and they’re trying to fix it. The game development department are said to be working on the fix but no timeline was issued as per the release. If I can get any more info on it, I’ll let you guys know. Just in case you’re wondering, the odds of getting a basket from bunnies is only 0.3%.

I’m sorry to anyone I gave potentially misleading information too, but that’s the only information I had about it at the time.

I will not be posting/forwarding the email exchange between myself and EA as it could be a violation of their terms which could have an effect on my Origin account and my game. Thank’s for understanding guys!


19 thoughts on “No Baskets After Completing The Easter Quests? EA Knows About It…

  1. I’ve had 8 baskets so far, 4 pink and 4 blue. And today have found the faberge egg. However, I’ve had no one, not one person whatsoever, put any eggs in my baskets 😦

    • If u have no eggs in basket its becouse folks dont have enough eggs to share. Trading 100 eggs for 50 is not a good swap unless the trader has a lot of eggs. Then after getting so many trees and ponds I kinda lost interest in wanting any more boxes.

      • how true that is. However when I found the only way to get gold eggs was via the prizes and not the bunnies and there seems to be no gold basket.

    • One of the strategies a lot of people are using is to only trade eggs with friends once they’ve already gotten all the “good” prizes from their dominant egg color. I’ve actually been having a really difficult time finding people to give my pink eggs to, not enough pink baskets and I have no use for pink boxes anymore.

  2. Ohh and i was ready to ask about it… Usually i get 2-5 baskets per day and its been 43 days with no baskets!! I suspected sth was wrong!!

  3. They have to extend the event now because it’s way way too slow without any baskets, i get MAYBE 2 rolls per day at this rate and that’s with 100 active friends and being very active and making everyone who can do egg quests do them.

  4. Actually haven’t receive any basket since the ingame update of 25th april.
    was getting 2-3 a day.
    Without the baskets its just impossible to reach whatosever goldbox. Being a regular freemium player the game just went very biased..
    For a major update waited for sooooo long am quite deceived.

    • Also just a small rectification. The odd of getting one basket is .3 percent
      Considering both pink and blue baskets the odds are actually .6

      Which is about 1 basket. Every 163 bunnies..

      Am out 🙂

  5. I have to admit that I have gotten very bored with this one egg at a time crap. So I have not been playing as nonstop as I usually do during these events. Even still Ive got Homer, Moe, Ned, Nelson, Ralph and the cat lady on constant bunny quests. Visiting all my friends until it gets down to 1 egg – then I will do a bunch of friends until Im completely bored…and Im getting about 1 spin for a box per day. maybe if Im lucky 2. They gotta increase the egg production!!

  6. The egg thing is more trouble than what the game is worth. Finally got pink boxjusttoget blue box which give me enough eggs for gold box. Out of gold box i get 300 gold eggs. Ok…..i wonder if EA is laughing at us folks!

  7. How many eggs do you get for visiting friends per action? Because i think this changed a week after the event started. If not i’m having a problem with the number if eggs i get from visiting friends. Thanks

  8. Still no baskets, any update on when it’s likely to get fixed, cos we are running out of time now, no chance of getting all the eggs without baskets. I did email them but they haven’t bothered to get back to me which is a bit rude of them.

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