Less Than A Week To Go!


There’s under 6 and a half days to go until the 2014 Easter event leaves us forever! I know many of you can’t wait to see it go, but that’s a separate post! If you havn’t got all of the prizes yet, time is running out so get zapping!


15 thoughts on “Less Than A Week To Go!

  1. FAIL of an event! Dull and tedious egg gathering and swapping to ultimately get garbage. How many beach towels does a town need? The whole decreasing rewards for lots of friends is a complete disincentive to play. Cut it with the random prizes already! We should be able to collect to a known goal–period. This is just not fun. I’m losing interest …. Talk me in off the ledge.

    • This has not been the fun event I was looking forward to either. When a game is more work than fun, it makes you wonder why you play. With all the randomness of prizes, it doesn’t promote putting time in.

    • I cashed in 1500 of golden eggs to get 2 fences and 250 blue eggs. The blue eggs are even more of a crock than the fences. I cashed in 1000 blue eggs to get 600 gold eggs to cash in 500 of them to get back 250 blue eggs!

  2. Is it possible to do a vote here on people’s feelings about the Easter event? Fun or Boring? It could then be fed back to EA. I would consider giving up on Tapped Out if there was another event like this.

  3. The egg swapping, which was a big part of that event, is made almost impossible by the absence of, or defective, baskets. Those are glitches that were reported early, and not dealt with at all.
    We should get the buildings/characters we sadly never could get as a compensation for the amount of time spent zapping in vain.

  4. I cant help but wanting to collect everything but with 20+ trees, 20+ towels, 100+ fences over £20 spent on donuts to try and get some decent prizes still no sign of Shary Bobbins, Father Sean or Hugs Bunny. Can the ridiculous amount of collecting we have to do for a random goal. Make the goals high by all means but then quit the randomness, one or the other or both in small quantities not this wank!

  5. Every event comes with crap fences… with this event I got 3x egg “statue”, 30 or so fenses (the rainbow ones from golden eggs are the worst ever!), 2 towels, this banana house and nothing more – this is totally nonsense. it seems more and more, the only way to get something is to spend doughnuts – and they are rare – so we “have to” buy some. Never!
    If the next event is also such crap, i will quit…

    • Have you also noticed a big drop off in active friends? I’ve had them drop like flies. I may be next because I just don’t care anymore.I was really bored today while waiting for something and I actually decided that being bored was better than collecting worthless eggs.
      One other rant–how about tying up characters for long hours to get only a few eggs when you need 500 eggs to do anyting?

  6. The baskets are the worst part of this event. Your chance of getting them is so slim that they are useless for any kind of productive exchange of eggs with friends.
    I’m currently trying to Suck Out to get free donuts but i need ten more fences and I’m running out of time.
    On the plus side, I got the Faberge Egg and Father Sean. But if I win another tree or pond …

  7. Yes im losing the will to live over the random crap given out after days of egg collection. My friends are dropping off playing, some have quit, even the ones that hacked the game to get unlimited donuts. Ive been playing for just over a year, without cheating or paying for donuts. Its supposed to be a little fun for lunchbreaks, etc. Its now become this tedious, monotonous bore with no incentive to keep playing. If your not willing to pay hard earned real cash, then its a game thats just going to get deleted. Give us an update that puts the wow factor back in the game.

    • Even if you pat cash to buy eggs, you still end up with jack. I got fences in 8 out of 9 boxes I opened with paid for gold eggs.

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