May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour: The Fabergé Egg

The odds of finding the Fabergé egg in a bunny is unsurprisingly, very slim. Here’s a quick look at how you can get your hands (or fingers) on one;

  • You must complete the 18 part Easter quest
  • Upon completion you have the option to buy it, or find it
  • Buying it will cost you 100 doughnuts
  • Finding it is VERY difficult
  • You will NOT receive any egg baskets from bunnies until you have the Fabergé egg

But what exactly are the odds? Well, you have a 0.07% Not a lot.That’s about 1 in every 1400 bunny zaps! So if you haven’t got it yet, time’s running out!


15 thoughts on “May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour: The Fabergé Egg

  1. I got it fairly quickly but shari bobbins… and that other gold box dude…frustrating. Seems like the first event where even much persistence is likely not enough. And besides my persistence, I already spent some $ on the event. Also, since when is Lisa constantly ‘detective Lisa’ Thats getting annoying. Go to your room Lisa! End rant.

  2. I have spent 10 days trying for the f-egg. The whole bunny egg thing has been agrivating. Takeing the fun out of the game.

  3. I got the Fabergé egg two days after finishing the quest, but really I want Sharry Bobbins. This is the first event where I don’t think I’m going to get all the prizes (been playing since St Patrick’s 2013) and it’s quite frustrating!

    • Yeah, i have bought all the doughnuts im going to on the thing and tap 4 times a day on a slow day. No way to get everything less u got unlimited doughnuts.

      • I’m not going to spend any real money on it, as there’s no guarantees you’ll get what you want. Hackers will be happy enough, but that’s not me! I play a few times a day and have maxed out my neighbours who I visit every day – that should be enough!

  4. I’m in the same boat. Got the faberge egg mere minutes after completing the quest but can’t get Sharry Bobbins or Father Whatshisname. Frustrated doesn’t come close! I’ve had it with this update. It finishes on my birthday and that will be a fantastic present!

  5. The baskets seem to be very random now as well, got none for almost a week then four at once then none again for two days so far, so this quest is definitely one of the worst with no chance at all of getting all of the characters, they should knock off the rubbish ponds, trees, etc after you’ve got say five of them also has anyone else noticed they have stopped given the random doughnut when visiting friends as well, as haven’t got one of them since the last update.

  6. Anyone knows if the ‘easter event’ get 50 (!) fences must be completed, before I get this Faberge egg?
    Im getting desperated (90+ friends, I play 4-6 times a day).
    How to get so much eggs to get fences (without buying for real money).

    • I got the Fabergé egg but only have about 45 fences – although I can’t believe I actually have that many! When the 50 fence quest started I thought I’d never get close, I should have known I’d get all fences and no people/buildings!

  7. Yes this easter event is frustrating and Ive got all my characters that can doing easter egg earning tasks. Ive even got the crazy cat lady throwing bunnies nonstop…but these tasks take so freaking long. And as far as boxes go – Ive been sucking out, sucking out. I only have like 29 fences – how many ponds can one town take??!!! I still need/want to get the Mexican restaurant, shari bobbins and father whats his name. plus the kang and kudos topiaries but I really don’t care if I get them or not. I did get the f-egg fairly quickly after finishing the quest and Ive started getting baskets again(thank god!).

  8. I’ve found the Fabergé egg, but this last days i´ve been recieving egg basket from zapping bunnies

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