Your Thoughts; ‘Brick Like Me’

This post was supposed to publish yesterday but for some reason it never did. Here it is anyway!


So! The 550th episode of the Simpsons has finally aired on FOX! It was clearly the most anticipated episode in the shows 25 year history and drew in millions of viewers! I haven’t had a chance to see it yet but from what I’ve read, people really seemed to love it. But, what do you think? Did the Lego episode live up to your expectations or did it fall flat and made you wish they did something else for such a landmark episode? Do share your thoughts with us, and others, below!


3 thoughts on “Your Thoughts; ‘Brick Like Me’

  1. I loved it. The jokes were not crude amd it reminded me of older Simpson episodes with more loving values! The lego land was cool but I it wasnt a fav. I like the way they are.

    • there are other ways to watch the newest episodes 🙂 season 25 just started here in holland but i already saw all the episodes from season 25 that exist so far

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