What Have You Won?

Shary Bobbins.png

With Easter coming to a close next week, it’s about time I ask you guys what prizes you’ve managed to earn? I have just got my final prize, Sharry Bobbins, as I type this out. Admittedly, I did buy some eggs along the way to ensure I got all of the prizes and I’m happy that I did. So, what have you got and what are you waiting on? Share it with us below!


35 thoughts on “What Have You Won?

  1. ‘Finally got them all, but had to use donuts to buy some gold boxes in order to do it. After Christmas, I though EA would let us buy the items that we could not win by spinning the wheel. But EA did not, and I did not get all of the prizes. I simply had to have Sharry Bobbins, so I was not going to make that mistake again.

  2. I won the bunny a few fences and golden eggs i dont really buy things as its not neccecary and ive got to lev 12 (edging 2 13) plus im 11

  3. This is the first time I won’t be getting all the prizes from an update.I have a row of the beach umbrella’s and a lot of fence sections.It’s sad to spend hours tapping to get enough eggs to only get the same dull prizes over and over.I think they are trying to get cash premium sales out of frustration.They have made it impossible to do without using real US dollars.More and more of the friends Springfields are going untapped by their owners making it harder and harder to collect eggs.I fear this impossible update is speeding the games ultimate demise.I will be glad to see this tedious one end and hope to never see a tap everything with rapidly falling returns (less and less eggs per tap) to just spin for the prizes after all the work.

    • I agree. It is frustrating to try and collect eggs and only spin for fences. I am getting tired of this game. I have tons of cash but everything needs donuts.

  4. I have everything except Hugs Bunny, Sharry Bobbins, and the Kodos topiary. I am lucky enough to be able to occasionally drop some cash and purchase donuts/eggs. I did so today when I saw the gold eggs promotion. Nine boxes and all I received were pink eggs, fencing, and more gold eggs (but a reduced number). I’m pretty frustrated the way EA has strung this along in an obvious attempt to get more cash from its players.

  5. This has been a very disappointing event. I play everyday and there’s just no way to get all the prizes without spending money. 😦

  6. Enough fences to spell out EA blows! Gold boxes should never have contained fences or pink/blue eggs! I just won fences and eggs on 8 out of 9 gold boxes. After issues with Glu games, I was a fan of EA. Atleast they tried to work with customers where Glu doesn’t at all. Well EA has officially gone to the darkside. I need a Tapped Out vacation after this event.

  7. I have everything but the Blocko store, Sharry Bobbins and Father Sean. I haven’t purchased any eggs with doughnuts.

  8. All i really wanted from this update was Sharry Bobbings, Chirpy Boy/Bart Junior, and maybe father Sean.
    It doesn’t look like ill be getting any of these as i refuse to spend hard earned donuts, (to my own money to buy donuts) on this! EA have severely disappointed me with this event.
    EA should have just made this update like the others, with either a wheel of prizes, or a total amount like at Halloween/Christmas/Friendship Points.

  9. Sharry Bobbins and Hugs Bunny. There’s a few decorations I haven’t got but I only care about the playable characters. I’m so sick of the random prize generation. If EA get too greedy they will end up losing players.

  10. It’s easier to say what I’ve yet to get… shary bobbins, kang topairy, and chirpy boy and Bart junior, and hugs bunny….. really hope I get shary bobbins…. got the weekend so fingers crossed!! I’ve loved the event though…. happy tappin’!!

    • The only reason im still tappin is I have a few friends still collecting eggs from my Springfield. After event I will delete the game. No more tapping here!

  11. One of the worst quests ever, just spent ages collecting eggs from neighbours changing my pink ones for blue, did a blue box won gold eggs, did the gold box won 250 pink eggs!!! What a waste of time!!!! No wonder everybody is fed up with it, only had 4 egg baskets in over a week now.

  12. Remember that you can review the game at the app stores. Itunes will allow you to change old reviews and update them. Voicing problems where new players connect with the game may be important to the bottom line. I consider recent reviews before spending cash on a game.

  13. . Fenches and trees in all colours, a towel, easter egg so small i cannot find them anymore, but also 2 buidings of which one tower/ shop( cant think of the name right now) which i like. That,s it. The overall feeling is frustation though. Too much fenches and the golden box should have only special prices, since it is hard to get these eggs; the only two times i managed to get 500 golden eggs both times i still ended up with fenches, silly coloured ones this time. Not funny :-/.

  14. I have enjoyed the easter event. I constantly try to ween out the players that aren’t playing as much as I do. I think I’ve done very well during this event. I do wish there was some sort of social interaction with your friends through the game in a whole. Anyways, I was very excited when I got the Blocko store. I’m happy I like the way the fences look because I almost have 50 and just read they will keep coming. I really want the egg council guy and sherry bobbins……but I have everything else with out spending any of my hard earned cash! Very happy I found this game. If u play daily and want a friend that does also. Of course, what I mean by daily is ever hour on the hour. Addicted for sure….Email me cause idk how else I could add u without deleting someone else? Always looking for frequent players like me:)

  15. This has to be the most disappointing update yet. I’m a daily player and have received nothing significant. Why do I bother?

  16. I refuse to ever spend money on EA app games, as such I have only won fences, those stupid trees and a handful of beach umbrellas. My sister is the same, however she has recently won the egg council guy.

    I have won the rabbit (the one that flies) but after that, more fences. The gold boxes should not be containing fences at all. I’m so bored of logging in and tapping just for fences… even more annoying when the game crashes and I have to log back in.

    Great move EA.

  17. all the COOL prizes I won are:bunny #24601 Banana dictatorship, chiproy and Bart jr. (or something like that), and the blocko store. further I won Kang and kodos toppiary, an easter gate, a shitload of fences (but of course I do not own that 15 doughnuts) and a lot of decoration like ponds, egg piles, beach towels, easter trees and other stuff. I just can’t win father sean, hugs bunny and sharry boobins!!!!!!

  18. Well as expected couldnt win everything. Played everyday but still miss boobins, father sean, recieved no topiaries (though really not my priority), the egg guy and the mexican building. Have more towels/umbrellas than i need, fences (though i like that we get a different kind of fence what is the point of having two different ones when you get only 2/3 each time you open a box? Really isnt worth it. Talking about the colored fences).
    Really having to pay 500 eggs to open a box knowing that the max you can get in one day is like 1000 (at least in my case) and then have to switch to have the other color eggs and the open boxes to win golden ones and then be expected to still donate eggs (100 each time) to your friends… Was there any hope to win all prizes and still be a good neighbor to all your friends? The rewards you could win from the chara’s jobs were like 30 eggs for 16 hours… I mean really?! Just getting extremely frustrated with the game here.

  19. All I’ve gotten are two buildings and a bunch of fences and ponds… I didn’t get a single character. I’m over this game.

  20. I started playing a week or two late and stop tapping out daily when I get to 1 egg per action, which is under halfway through my neighbors.

    I was able to win: Blocko store, Banana Dictatorship, Chirpy Boy and Bart Jr., Father Sean, and Bunny #24601. I’m in the pink group so I haven’t won Johnny Fiestas or the Egg Council guy. I wanted to win Shary Bobbins so I used 50 donuts to get 9 boxes and won both topiaries and Hugs Bunny. Debating on whether to buy more but I would be really mad if I did and didn’t win anything, so I don’t know.

    I’m surprised that people have tapped diligently and won nothing, that’s not fair at all.

  21. Cannot wait for this to finish, I have fences, ponds and hugs bunny, since winning hugs bunny about 3 weeks ago I have won only 3 baskets, there is no way I am going to be able to win anything good.
    This is the first time I have not managed to win all prizes. I have to say I am getting very bored tapping bunnies now. Hope the next event is better, bring back the wheel!

  22. Missing Pater Sean, Kang topairy, Shary Bobbins and the lizards
    I have played every day but at least I’ve got 38 fences
    nice one EA

  23. I have been pretty lucky considering I haven’t been getting the baskets nor pink eggs from neighbour visits. I have won loads of egg decorations, ponds, trees, fences but not 50…LOL, the Mexican restaurant, the banana dictatorship and a grey bunny! Not bad as I have been playing without the benefits 🙂

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