Time Is Almost Up!

I’ve just checked the in-game timer for the event and there’s only just about 1 day and 13 hours or so left! So, it’s not long now until this event is over!!

On a side note, has anyone else been really lucky with baskets today? I’ve earned 4 already today!

The final countdown is on and the event will be over before you know it!


20 thoughts on “Time Is Almost Up!

  1. well that sucks. this event i actually didnt get bored with…. but i also barely got any good prizes. thankfully however i am the “proud” owner of abt 5,000 easter fences.

    • Yes my sentiments exactly, so many non premium prizes repeated over and over with the good prizes only obtainable if you purchased donuts to buy those rotten eggs. Tapped out use to be my favorite game but now it seems it only enjoyable if you come outof pocket and buy donuts.its sad for players like me who play regularly and are subjected to lack of gratefulness on ea’s part. There would not be no tapped out if we wasn’t playing or faithfully watching there long dead monstrosity of animated program. Is it just me or does anyone else feels ea owes us big time, one solution would be to give us all the prizes we are missing and were denied of in this tragic easter event! Also be fair and allow us to trade our in game currency for donuts in the same manner were able to trade our donuts for currency back to you. Sorry if the powers that be don’t like what I have to say but I know for fact all of us dedicated players deserve more then being ATM’s And need you to hold up your end of the agreement, we cannot hold your dead weight anylonger .

      • I just want to point out that even spending some money on donuts did not guarantee prizes. I think sometimes people think that if you spin or click using eggs you purchased, you are guaranteed good prizes. I want to point out this IS NOT the case. Each time I used donuts, I received 8 out of 9 crappy prizes from gold boxes. Some freemium players will receive some prizes that donut spenders did not get.

        Giving you all the prizes you didn’t win will just cause arguments and backlash from those that played nonstop and spend donuts.

        Though it takes a lot, I did work out the math and have been building donuts by buying bomb shelters, earning the xp and reselling them. Bomb shelters earn better xp per dollar than weather stations or volleyball courts. Each time you can build enough XP to level up or max out the meter, you can get up to 3 donuts. Slow going, but better than the cash sitting in my dock or being spent on luxury items I don’t want.

  2. Very bad event. Spend about 100 donuts on golden eggs and got nothing.
    I am missing out on the restaurant and egg man out of the blue egg line and missing out on about everything out of the golden line. Unbelivable don’t think that i Will be playing thuis game for much longer

  3. its a shame you cant give your left over eggs to your friends who need them, I have purchased 4 truckloads of GE and still no sharry

  4. Can’t wait for this event to end. They need to make it up by giving us the missing prizes and trow in bartman, radioactive man, and the record shop all sales vynal.

  5. I think Tapped out is what the name says: you just tap a lot on a Simpson background and sometimes you can change that background a bit, thats it; it is not really a ‘ game’ ; good excercise for your fingers maybe ? 😀.
    But seriously, the events don’t work very well now. Maybe EA should stick to method as in the beginning: a quest every now and then through which you can obtain new buildings and items. And next to that the friends prizes. Which may sometimes be dedicated to a special occassion, so you chase eggs etc. and win Easter, christmas etc prizes. Alternate small and bigger prizes, that’s okay, but let everybody win them. Don t make Tapped out into a casino. By also adding premium items ( a small selective part of them, please, not àll items) Ea will still be making money because many are willing to pay for them.

  6. i finally got my faberge egg today, only 21 hours left… took me over 8 days. So no baskets for me, too little time to get anyhting good from the eggs. I missed so many prices 😦

  7. This event has kept me really busy. I work a rotating shift so, i have lost opportunities on getting eggs from visiting friends. Kinda think we shouldn’t have to wait exactly 24 hours to visit friends again. Maybe reset the clock after 12 am or something so we have a whole day to visit friends any time. Lost a lot if egg tapping on egg baskets accidentally. Seriously, a part of me dies everytime that happens.😥
    I was so happy i finally got the blocko store. I still need egg council guy, sharry and hugs bunny. I was gonna spend 20$ on buying 300 donuts getting some golden eggs on the last day, but reading all the comments, i don’t think i will. I am happy for the 3 new buildings. Got the feberge egg on the second day :). Will be collecting eggs till the very last second so i can get to open at least one box. :/

  8. I was able to get everything except the Sharry Bobbins character. I did spend money to buy golden eggs, but my luck was really random. Like someone said above, I’m the proud owner of 57 fences, 8 gates, 9 ponds, etc….

    I think I may construct a holiday rummage yard displaying all of these silly decorations. At least then they won’t clutter up my inventory.

  9. are we going to be able to sell any of the “prizes” we were handed ?? i really dont need 7 ponds or 12 clusters of eggs, especially dont want the 45 pieces of fence and 4 gates that i have HAD for 2 weeks NEVER recieving the last ones to get the prize……and i SPENT 200 donughts to try and get stuff and ended up with 2 buildings ( not blocko btw), one character ( priest) and nothing else….very sad and disappointed, also, what do we get for our “leftover” eggs and many, many, many baskets??
    also curious about what happened to “quest memory ” ? if you had a quest show up as the character finished the same quest , you got credit for it instead of having to do it again ???

  10. Ugh, I have so many Easter egg piles but didn’t get my fences. Mr. Burns’ yard will be forever incomplete, d’oh.

  11. I still don’t have the Blocko store. So disappointed 😦 Don’t know whether to buy eggs with my doughnuts. It’s too much of a gamble, I would probably end up with more fences 😛

  12. I’m soooo happy! 😀 I read you 5 minutes ago and I badly wanted that Block-O-Store 😦 So I came back to the game and spent 25 donuts in pink eggs and guess what happened? 😀 I could get the Blocko Store, with my last box !!! 😀 (48 pink eggs remaining) So I wanted to spend my leftover blue eggs, one box, and… got the Johnny Fiestas! 😀 Ahahah I’m sooooo lucky! :p Crazy. Finally I just couldn’t get Fr. Sean and Shary Bobbins but I don’t care, I wasn’t expected getting so much stuff! 167 blue eggs and 300 gold eggs remaining.

  13. I got everything and use my eggs when visiting friends who have baskets. Exchanging eggs until I can’t anymore in multiple towns. Helps out people who are still needing eggs for prizes. Got a second fabrige egg, bought the first as I didn’t think I’d find one. Second one is stuck in inventory as I can’t put it out.

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