This Is Your 12 Hour Warning!


This is your final warning! The Easter event is scheduled to end in just over 12 hours time as it doesn’t look like we’re going to get an extension this time around!

If however, you haven’t got everything you want after the event ends, there is one thing you can do to make it last that tiny bit longer.Tomorrows update is almost certainly going to be an App Store update so that means as long as you don’t automatically update your apps and wait to update it manually you should be safe for a short period of time. Remember though, after a while EA will force you to update the app to the latest version available. There’s no telling how long you’ll have if you do this and if you try visit friends you more then likely won’t be allowed because you’ll have different version of the app. Once you update the app, you’ll be able to visit them again though!

Good luck guys, I hope you get everything you want from this event!


4 thoughts on “This Is Your 12 Hour Warning!

  1. Deadline comes and goes and yet… My town still has stupid bunnies and Easter ribbons all over it. Surprise surprise. Surely no one thought EA would pass up the opportunity to allow you to dump just a little bit more cash in their pockets for this event.

  2. I have decided not to spend any more money on TO; did you feel ripped off buying a useless whale for 200 d, at least you hád a whale. Now you get as good as nothing for your money. Except for EA of course. The game has become a bit shabby, too obvious EA is out to get our money, like playing with a street con man doing tricks with three cups and a ball,’ pick the right cup’ , you can never win of course, it is meant to deceive and cheat you, to strip you of your money. I don’t like this attittude.

  3. With almost no friends left to collect eggs from or trade with, only 33 blue and 23 pink eggs and 400 gold i thought there is no way i’m getting blocko, chirpy and Bart, father Sean and sharry bobbins. I better start getting some friend points, have new quest to do or buildings to build. So i did the update. I wish i didn’t. I’d rather get frustrated trying to get a good prize than what this update gave us, nothing. I even get less money from visiting friends than i did during the event?

    I’m glad i didn’t spend any money or donuts on the event. I think all players should stop spending money on the game just for a month or so as a signal to ea. Maybe they will listen, they speak money so they understand when money stops coming.

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