Glitch Report: Easter Takedown Update


If you’ve been having game lag or crashing issues with your game since the the update yesterday, know that it’s not your fault and you’re definitely not alone! Since the update, I noticed an increase in the number of glitch/crash reports on various message boards and websites.

This glitch is affecting ALL devices be they iOS, Android or Kindle. I’ve been in contact with EA and while they say they’re working on a fix, they won’t give me an ETA because even they’re not sure when they’ll be able to roll it out to us. If I find more info on this, I’ll be sure to let you know!


11 thoughts on “Glitch Report: Easter Takedown Update

  1. Thank god it wasn’t just me. Was making it near impossible to finish tasks, I’d given up for the most part. Good to hear it’s affecting multiple people (well I guess that’s bad, not good). Hope they fix it soon.

  2. I’ve not updated mine but somehow all my characters had finished doing their twelve hour tasks and gone onto eight hour ones when I didn’t even TOUCH my tablet! How did this happen?

  3. Unplayable on my Nexus 5 at Mo and has always been unstable (was rock solid on my old HTC One S).

    A, very, small part of me hopes they don’t fix it since it was taking over my life! 😀

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