New Episode Tie-In, ”Yellow Badge of Cowardge”

A new episode tie-in is now available via an in-game update. As per usual, there’s one premium item and one free. This is the last episode tie-in of the season so we’ll have to wait until next fall for some more little updates like this! Here’s what we got;


PREMIUM ITEM – Macaroni’s Shed, 30 Doughnuts, Unique


FREE ITEM – Fit™ Milhouse, Awarded For Completing Quest

Thanks to spAnser for the info, a full quest walkthrough will be available soon


7 thoughts on “New Episode Tie-In, ”Yellow Badge of Cowardge”

  1. Help my game is really slow I’ve stored a lot of things but still no joy I updated yesterday’s update but still as bad

    • Yesterdays update wasn’t a permanent fix. EA are still working on one but there’s no time frame for release right now. I’ll keep checking and post any new information that I find.

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