New Friend Point Prize, Cool Lisa!

Springfield’s about to get a whole lot cooler now that Lisa’s ”Cool Lisa” outfit is available as a Friend Points prize. She’ll cost you 5,000 Friend Points and is the next prize after the Capital City Goofball. If you haven’t got anywhere near earning this prize, don’t worry, it’s permanent and isn’t going anywhere!


23 thoughts on “New Friend Point Prize, Cool Lisa!

  1. Haven’t posted before but since I happened to be tapping when this new update came out I thought I would share. I just got the new in-game update. I started visiting friends and I can’t get more than 7 Friend Points for Friendship Level 8! Its showing that I’m tapping (4FP for your next 27, 26, 25 actions etc), but isn’t actually giving me any FP. Hopefully not another glitch!

    Origin ID: avanellsch397

  2. Is anyone else having trouble collecting friend points? Tapped on 5 friends’ buildings and got no FP’s? Tried deleting, restarting and re installing but same thing.

  3. Same here, it says I should get some when I tap on buildings but I don’t. I have tried all different types of buildings also.

  4. Same problem – not getting FP when visiting other towns nor from people visiting mine. Another great job EA!!

  5. I am having the same problem as the other people on this site, I have just gone through my neighbours and although I have collected cash and xp’s there were no fp’s the actions were still registering.
    also the previous problem has still not been fixed

  6. Will be fixed soon enough. EA has always been good to us about fixing glitches quickly. I do believe they even gave away free donuts once when they screwed up.

  7. After collecting from 100 friends towns ive only received 5 friend points. Sick of the glitching on this now, and my game is still running really slow and repeatedly kicks me off when visiting friends’ levels

  8. Mines really slow as well can’t be bothered to play anymore till they fix it, it’s not worth the effort, so I apologise to my neighbours for not visiting them till it’s fixed.

  9. I am having the same problem. Its counting down the points but not adding any to the total of 0.
    I suppose this glitch is connected with the other problems.

  10. I’m having the same problem in my friends towns but in their Krutsylands the FP works fine. Kind of annoying to get them but it works

  11. I’ve had the same FP problem but it seems to be fixed now. I still got kicked out of the game a couple of times but I think that might be players who haven’t updated yet.

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