There’s A Spoiler In The Files…

spAnser has done it again! On Saturday morning I came across some info that spAnser had found something hidden in the files that removed the Easter event. Want to know what it is? Click below the image….




It’s a new character! He has no name and was just randomly labelled in the files.


Image From Files


It could be one of the rappers from a previous season 25 episode entitled ‘Pranksta Rap’. An image from the episode is below.


Image from ‘Pranksta Rap’


If it is one of those, it’s very possible that a season 25 Yard Sale is on the way soon! If you weren’t around during last years Yard Sale, don’t worry there’ll be a post on what it’s all about either today or tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “There’s A Spoiler In The Files…

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  2. Why did i just wait ages for a huge update on my ipad mini eh????
    Really thought this crash issue was fixed!!!
    Please tell me why new. things are being added to the game when there is a crash issue that needs to be fixed???
    Really thought the crashing issue would have been first
    Thanks alot EA!!!

  3. EA Thanking you so very very much for the Update,My account is working again.
    I knew i had faith in You to fix eventually 🙂 xxxxxxxx

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