The Season 24 Yard Sale, What Was It?

Last year to celebrate the Season 24 finale, EA released a small event known as a ‘Yard Sale’. The Yard Sale contained some decorations and a premium, non-playable character.

The event was heavily criticised by fans because other then two items available for cash – the Laramine Vending Machine and Devil’s Doughnuts Cart – were all premium, The items released all had something to do with various episodes during the season. In fact, the Devil’s Doughnuts Cart came from the same episode as Cool Homer and the Cool /brown House.

It’s unknown if there’ll be one this year but given EA’s tendency to capitalise on everything the possibly can, it’s a safe bet we’ll see something like it again this year.

But, when can we expect the update, well given EA’s history of giving us events 5 days later then similar events in 2013, we could see it tomorrow as the Season 24 Yard Sale was released on May 16 2013, five days after that would be May 21 – tomorrow. However, it could be further delayed by the lag issue affecting many players, some of which can’t even access their games.

If we were to get a yard sale this year, what items from Season 25 would you like to see included in the game? Sound off below!

On a side note, thanks for all the well wishes in regards to my exams, it means a lot to me you guys!


One thought on “The Season 24 Yard Sale, What Was It?

  1. Homers mother for starters. Every special guest would be nice. All of the children from Cletus’s family. They should introduce down the road all of the special guests from every season. Then bring into the game some Shelbyville characters.

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