Update For Android Users

An update has appeared in the Google Play store for android users ONLY. No new content was added and there’s nothing new in the files. It appears to just be a fix for a crash issue that users of that particular platform have been experiencing. Some have also said that it’s fixed the lagging issue a little but that it’s still there in some shape or form. There is no update available on iOS at the moment but I’d expect one in the next few days just to get the game versions in sync.

The game versions for android and iOS are as follows;

  • Android: v4.8.2 (last updated May 20)
  • iOS: v4.8.1 (last updated May 13)


I checked the Amazon website and that version is also showing as v4.8.2 however I can’t tell when the app was updated to this version.


7 thoughts on “Update For Android Users

  1. Playing on a Kindle Fire, and got the update today. Game is still lagging, and when I visit neighbors it crashes every 3-4 towns I visit. Very frustrating that they can’t get this fixed.

  2. Just spoke to EA for the 4th time this week.Please god fix the crashing issue for IOSAll is forgiven 😦 I cant wait for an update,i have not played this game now for a week and now feel at the end of my tether asking for help.Please update asap.
    Thank You xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Michelle, I’m having the same issue. I haven’t been able to play on my iPad or my Android device for a week. I’ve contacted EA and NOTHING is happening. So frustrated! We’re missing so many great events. So annoyed right now!

    • me too :(. i have contacted EA now for the 4th time today,apparently the Advisor said it could be weeks yet till the patch is released 😦 i thought it was down to me,i bought Stu’s Disco building and since then it keeps crashing.Now i saw a comment and it said that we are getting another update this week.Fingers crossed eh 😦 xx

      • Good luck Michelle! I finally got the Android update to work after uninstalling and reinstalling the app. My fingers are still crossed for an iPad update. Stu’s Disco is fun, I love that character, so I hope yours gets working soon. Thanks for commiserating with me. And hopefully it will work soon.

        And to our great guru who runs this page, thanks for giving us a place to vent. And for offering help. Especially during your finals! Good luck and a big THANK YOU!!

      • Your very welcome! I try to help however I can, even if you just need to vent because we’ve all been there!

        Thanks for wishing me luck, it means a lot to me!

  4. This update made it worse. Now the game lags everywhere in the town and it crashes if I do too may things at once and I didn’t have that issue before.

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