An EXCLUSIVE Character Is Coming To ‘Tapped Out’!

An EXCLUSIVE, never before seen character is to make an appearance in our game, TODAY! Last night, after I had gone to bed EA updated their Facebook page with an exclusive announcement for Tapped Out fans;


A never before seen face is arriving in Springfield! Play The Simpsons: Tapped Out tomorrow and find out who it is! Until then we can tell you who it’s not – Tanya Harding, Ms. Pac-Man, nor sleight-of-hand magician Ricky Jay.


As that was posted at last night, where I am at least, it means we’re only a few short hours from the big reveal! Who do you think this exclusive character is? Could it be the character I posted about earlier in the week? In what context will the character be released? Is it all part of some master plan EA have been hatching? While I may not be able to give you that information right now, rest assured, once it’s officially released I’ll post all of the information I can find on the character! Until then, happy tapping!


One thought on “An EXCLUSIVE Character Is Coming To ‘Tapped Out’!

  1. still waiting for EA update to fix crash issue 😦 not played for a week now and getting withdrawal symptoms lol 😦

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