Could EA’s Announcement Mean Something Big Is Coming?

So, EA are releasing an exclusive character today and that I got me to start thinking. First, I tried to think about what character it could be, where they’re from, but that got me nowhere. Then I started to think about something else, the announcement itself. Then, I remembered something, EA rarely announce anything in advance! In fact, in the entire history of the game, they’ve only done it three times!

The first time, was the day before the Christmas 2012 event was released. The night before the update hit, they posted, on Facebook, that Winter was coming to Springfield very soon. The second time was in April 2013. The same week Whacking Day was released, we got an episode tie-in on the Tuesday, which players thought was strange considering we usually get them on Thursday. But, all was explained in the questline, we were told that something even better was coming on Thursday – Whacking Day. The third time something was announced in advance was in September 2013. During the final week of September, players received a small in-game update with a small questline where Homer and Lisa went looking for info on what the Halloween event might bring. At that point, it was confirmed via an in-game message that Halloween would be happening from October 1st.

Now, lets look forward to yesterdays announcement as well as some of the speculation among fans. First off, as I’ve just explained, EA rarely announce things in advance and given the history of said announcements, it’s usually pretty good. It seems unlikely that the character will be released on their own, so, what’s coming with them? That’s what most fans are speculating over. Some, who I will not name as I don’t want to get in trouble if they’re inundated with friend requests, believe it will come as part of either a level update or a Yard Sale. It’s there where opinion is divided amongst those who want a yard sale. Some believe that it will contain items exclusive to season 25 while others believe it will contain never before released items from the shows 25 year history. But, here’s the kicker, because this character’s never been seen before, either of these theories could be true!

It could have something to do with an upcoming event. One user has mention the possibility of this character being used as a way for EA to lead us into yet another event, such as the missions related to last year’s Halloween announcement. Then there are those who don’t really care what it could mean as long as new content is added.

What do you think it could be? Do you hope for one or more of the things I’ve mentioned here? Do you think it’ll be something I haven’t mentioned? All I know is, it it doesn’t come with other stuff I could very well be disappointed, but that of course depends of the context in which this character is released!

Stick with us as the release approaches for all the latest info on what could be something amazing! Also, I apologise for the really long post but there’s so much I needed to explain to you!

7 thoughts on “Could EA’s Announcement Mean Something Big Is Coming?

  1. In the last quest story line, there was a lot of “flood” talk. Could this be foreshadowing some sort of flood or event that will free up more land? Maybe a do over so EA could change the game engine?

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