Here Are The Decorations That Came With Level 41

As always, there’s regular and there’s premium. I actually quite like both of these! Here’s what we got;


Bloodmobile – $132,000

Duff Party Liner – 100 Doughnuts

A ‘Should I Buy…’ for the boat will be posted tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Here Are The Decorations That Came With Level 41

  1. Why did i just wait ages for a huge update on my ipad mini eh????
    Really thought this crash issue was fixed!!!
    Please tell me why new. things are being added to the game when there is a crash issue that needs to be fixed???
    Really thought the crashing issue would have been first
    Thanks alot EA!!!

  2. The Blood Mobile is definitely interesting, since it gives you 20850 XP instantly. This makes a single XP cost 6,33$ (4,75$ if you sell the Blood Mobile afterwards for 33000$).

    A great way to turn all your excess money into Doughnuts. 🙂

  3. I do believe the weather antennae thing gives something better like 10/1 gold/exp. Not including xp bonus. purchase for 10,500 and get about 1300 exp. Makes 1-2 million gold equal a level up. For your first few level ups after an update.

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