Here Are The Level 41 Buildings

Vulgari Jewelry Store – $800,000

(Base Price: $600,000)

Unfinished Shed – 150 Doughnuts

Both of the buildings come with a character as mentioned in a previous post.


5 thoughts on “Here Are The Level 41 Buildings

  1. Why did i just wait ages for a huge update on my ipad mini eh????
    Really thought this crash issue was fixed!!!
    Please tell me why new. things are being added to the game when there is a crash issue that needs to be fixed???
    Really thought the crashing issue would have been first
    Thanks alot EA!!!

  2. I’m going 2 weeks of being locked out of my Springfield cause the game won’t load.
    what’s worse is that it’s now taunting me with pop-ups asking why I’m not playing. WTF EA!!??
    – Level 40 (should be 41 if I could just play the damn game) iphone 4s

    • After a new level update the price of some buildings go down. So, if you’re at the top level when a new one is released, you’ll pay more for a building then somebody will if they only get to this when level 44/45 is released. I hope that’s not too confusing!

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