Should I Buy… The Duff Party Liner?

Tapped Out Duff Party Boat.png

It’s by far one of the coolest looking items in the game, but should you buy it?


  • 2.75% Bonus
  • Another Item to Add to Squidport
  • Duff Branded
  • Cool Animations When Tapped, Fireworks Shoot Out of the Front and Back



  • Expensive for a Decoration – 100 Doughnuts
  • For a Few More Doughnuts You Could Get Otto and The School Bus
  • It’s Quite Large Compared to Other Boats
  • Doesn’t come with a Character
  • There Are No Tasks Associated With It

Overall, I love it and had to have it but I’d suggest that if there are other premium items you want first, wait, buy those, this boat isn’t going anywhere!


2 thoughts on “Should I Buy… The Duff Party Liner?

  1. It is a sweet boat and nice with a bit more animation when you tap on it… One of the longest so far I believe but I would agree on the price plus who doesn’t want Otto! One of the coolest and funniest not-main characters!

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