Fit Milhouse Is Back!

Fit Milhouse has returned for a limited time. As part of yesterday’s free doughnut update, EA reintroduced the final episode tie-in of season 25 because some players had been locked out of the game at the time. The premium Marconi shed should also be available once again. It will be removed from the game once again on May 27.


8 thoughts on “Fit Milhouse Is Back!

  1. I logged in today 5-25, tapped on Milhouse to finish that quest, received a message about the new costume but there is no new costume to select. :/ Maybe because im 8/10 with kids ganging up on cocoa beanie. I dont know, but I do want the fit Milhouse costume.

  2. Any idea what the “error” 60 min task the Homer does with Comic Book Guy is all about? Saw that tonight and got a giggle. 🙂

  3. Hey fellow $ping field meltdown re builders. Get gift because of the lag issue. Add me as a friend please. Obkilla4444

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