More Level Guides Coming Tomorrow!


I haven’t been able to publish any new or redesigned pages in a while but tomorrow I’ll definitely be posting the Level 40 and 41 level guides. I’m working on the back log of levels which I hope to have completed and published by the first or second week of June.

After that, I’ll be moving on to the unreleased content page, the new player guide and the expansion pages (Krustyland/Squidport). That is of course, if something doesn’t happen game wise to slow me down! I’ll keep you updated on the progress!


2 thoughts on “More Level Guides Coming Tomorrow!

  1. WARNING!!!!! EA it’s stealing us!!! I don’t know if it has been happening since long time, but I’ve noticed, few days ago, that my game cash has decreased. They do it carefully. For example, I had 618 033 and then BOOM!!! suddenly 617 367, in the blink of an eye. It is NOT the firt time!!!

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