Doughnut Farming, Is It Possible?

Note: The term ‘farming’ is used to describe buying/building lots of the same things to earn something in a relatively short period of time.


Everyone wants them but it’s not always so easy to get them for free. That’s right, I’m talking about the holy grail of Tapped Out, doughnuts! Free doughnuts are ridiculously hard to come by, even for a free game but, thanks to level 41 there’s a way to ‘buy’ some for in-game cash!

Level 41 brought us the Bloodmobile and I have to say, I’m glad it did! It will cost you $132,000 to purchase one and because it isn’t unique, you can have as many of them as you want. That’s a good thing, trust me!

After purchasing a Bloodmobile, you’ll get a flat rate of 13,200XP but it could be much higher depending on your bonus multiplier! My bonus multiplier is quite low at 120% right now because I’m reorganising most of my town.

The number of Bloodmobile’s required to reach the bonus doughnut level will vary from player to player depending on how many times you’ve levelled up past the MAXIMUM level, which at this point is level 41.

After you’ve purchased what could be an insane amount of Bloodmobile’s (I needed 75 at one point) you can sell them back for $33,000 each. It’s not a huge return but it’s cash back none the less!

I’d only recommend doing this if you have a huge cash reserve. I had something like 60 or 70 million and spent about a quarter of that on Bloodmobile’s. Remember too that if you don’t get three doughnuts on your first box, you’ll need up to $100,000 to take another go to get them!

Happy Doughnut Farming!


4 thoughts on “Doughnut Farming, Is It Possible?

  1. I don’t know my bonus multiplier, but it must be higher than the 120 percent. If I figured it out correctly, The blood mobile is a little more payout than the bomb shelter.

    On my account I earn 1,031 xp for the bomb shelter with a cost of 4,200 (purchase price – sale back price). That is .245 xp per dollar.

    I earn 24,731 xp for the blood mobile with a cost of 99,000 (purchase price – sale back price). That is .249 xp per dollar.

    Blood mobiles would be less work if you have the cash.

  2. The sheer amount of xp given by the blood mobile makes a convenient way of maxing your xp. However, the weather station gets you a better rate of return.
    Using the blood mobile, you can get 0.1333 xp per dollar spent (including sale refund)
    Whereas the weather station will get you 0.1404 xp per dollar.
    The volley ball net will get you 0.148 xp per dollar but you need more of them and they take up more space so this is not as convenient.
    All of the above are calculated based on zero xp multiplier and assuming you sell all the items to maximise your return.
    My personal favourite is still the weather station.

    • Can you share how you get the numbers? I thought what I did mathematically made sense and showed different results.

      • For blood mobile:
        Net cost is 132,000 – 33,000 = 99,000
        Yield is 13,200xp (excluding bonus multiplier)
        Therefore, xp per dollar is 13,200 / 99,000 = 0.1333

        Similarly for weather station:
        Net cost is 9,500 – 2,375 = 7,125
        Yield is 1,000xp (excluding bonus multiplier)
        Therefore, xp per dollar is 1,000 / 7,125 = 0.1404

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