How To Work Out Your Bonus Multiplier

Bonus multipliers determine how much XP you get from jobs, buildings, and building payouts. The only real issue players have is that some don’t know how to work out your bonus. It’s actually really simple!

To work out your multiplier, you’ll need a Gulp’n’Blow restaurant. The restaurant pays out $100 and 8XP every 4 hours. Here, we’re only concerned with the cash. When your collecting you cash, pay attention and add up how much you get. If you get $150, you have a 50% bonus and if you get $500, you have a 400% bonus.

The bonus is affect mostly by premium items that increase it by varying amounts. For example, Burns Limo will increase your bonus by 2% for EACH ONE YOU OWN. So, if you have 5 of them, that’s a 10% bonus. You need to be careful when choosing which premium items to buy though because not every premium item offers you a bonus.

For example, I just looked in my storage and discovered that the Butterfly Tent only improves my vanity rating and doesn’t give me a bonus. To find out if something offers a bonus, tapped the little blue ‘i‘ before purchasing it to make sure. Ensure that your confirm doughnut spend button is switched ON before doing this to avoid accidentally buying something you don’t want!


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