What Are You Hoping For This Summer?

Last year, summer time in Tapped Out was pretty amazing. There was a new level every 2 weeks or so, a Fourth of July mini event, the addition of Krustyland as well as the expansion of Springfield down to the waterfront, which brought with it the Springfield Squidport.

It’s uncertain what this summer holds as EA’s gotten so damn good at hiding stuff in the files to prevent us from knowing what’s coming ahead of time. But, if you could have one thing added to the game during the summer, what would you choose? I’m hoping for a Squidport expansion that includes Burns’ Casino because it’s easily my favourite building to be featured on the Squidport.


19 thoughts on “What Are You Hoping For This Summer?

  1. More land would be nice, even though I don’t have all my current land filled up. More land would probably also mean more sea space, which would be nice to expand my Squidport, even though it now takes me 3.5 days to make a boardwalk segment.

    But I’d like to see more rides in Krustyland. I just bought the last piece of land there and I still have so much empty space, with all the rides – from tickets and donuts – already placed. Also, I’d love to see more characters be able to come over. I feel like we got a ton of new characters in the last 6 months, yet none can come over.

  2. More land is definitely on the top of my list but of course I want some more buildings too. The old Simpson farm would be cool maybe with a growing patch like at Cletus’s farm.
    More houses like the Quimby mansion, Buck McCoys ranch, Malibu Stacy mansion, Fiesta Terrace etc.
    Some restaurants to improve the gluttony rating like You Thai Now and Kentucky Fried Panda.
    Springfield Glen Country Club, Stone Cutters Lodge, Bloodbath Gulch and of course everybody’s favourite Spider Pig and the poo silo.

  3. Yes definitely more land and sea. I would like to see the skid row of Springfield including all of the run down buildings. It’s been featured many times over the years in various episodes. Also we need transit buses. New rides for Krustyland would be an assist. Also allow more characters to come over to Krustyland.Squidport expansion would also be a great idea. Where’s the Springfield golf course? EA has alot of options for us to explore. We need more land,sea,and buildings. Hopefully EA is reading These comments. After all It’s us the fans that are paying for this. Please give us what we want. We want more! Lol

    • That has been my thought for a long while. Flash sales (which seem to be so popular among retailers nowadays) for premium items (buildings, characters, decorations, whatever).

  4. I am saving all of my hard-earned doughnuts for a Radioactive Man movie event!! I really really hope they do something related to ‘Three Men & a Comic Book’, ‘Radioactive Man: The Movie’, and/or the actual Radioactive Man comics. I only started playing last August, but the only sign of RM I can find is the billboard. That has been my only doughnut-related purchase, but I would throw down in a second on more RM stuff!

  5. Mr Burns Casino with Gunter and Ernst would be amazing!
    Also the Maison Derriere with Belle and Princess Kashmir

  6. A premium sale would be fantastic, I agree. I don’t have tons of money so have only been able to treat myself to a couple from saving up and a couple of lucky golden cards.

    Otherwise, I don’t mind. Surprise me! Just bring it on fast…. I’ve long since finished lvl 41 and need an update!!!

  7. A very big Krustyland update would be fantastic I already have full land expansion and all premium rides and characters and decors but I wanna fill my whole Krustyland up

  8. I’d personally love to see maggie as a character, i don’t know why she isn’t one already?

    I’d love to see new rides/decorations for crusty land. Or maybe more items from Springfield being made placeable there (like seasonal things, just because I want to put my dead trees around the haunted condo haha) I’d also like to see the mascots having quests maybe?

    I’d also like to see a day and night feature, as in at night time it gets dark in Springfield so that it’s not just daytime there 24/7.

    Plus I really want mr.burns to have a costume from the episode when everyone thought he was an alien.

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