Is An Update On The Horizon?

In a little over a week, on June 12, the Squidport expansion will be one year old. This would be an ideal time for them to release another proper update with more stores and decorations, much like they did the first time around.

However, they could hold off on the Squidport update, if there is one, until later in the summer in favour of something else.

EA could be planning a Soccer World Cup event which takes place from next week in Brazil or maybe an event based around the Chilli Cook Off episode of the Simpsons.

A Chilli Cook Off event has certainly been generating some buzz over on the official forums with many people suggesting items that could come with the event including picnic tables and suggested tasks.

Of course they could have another expansion planned like The Springfield Badlands or even East Springfield. Both of these possible expansions could even come with some much needed LAND!

I’ve seen posted online that an EA Game Advisor basically confirming that a big update was in the works but couldn’t give out a definite release date. It’s been speculated that it could hit sometime this week, but again there’s been no confirmation of any kind.

I’ll keep you updated on any potential update. All I know for sure is, the Level 41 update was suspiciously short…


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