Here Are The Emblem Prizes

Sacred Parchment

Sacred Parchment

Cost: 1450 Emblems

Number 36

Number 36

Cost: 4,000 Emblems

Chest of Sacred Artefacts

Chest of Sacred Artifacts

Cost: 6,500 Emblems

Number 85 / Number 600

Number 600 Number 85'

Cost: 10,000 Emblems

Money Pool / Number 29

Money Pool Number 29

Cost: 14,000 Emblems

Number 50 / Number 79

Number 50 Number 79

Cost 18,000 Emblems

Stone of Triumph

Stone of Triumph

Cost: 22,500 Emblems

Number 5 / Number 12 / Number 14

Number 12Number 14Number 5

Cost: 28,000 Emblems

Stonecutter Table


Cost: 31,500 Emblems

Satan’s Anvil

Satans Anvil

Cost: 35,000 Emblems

Side Note: Satan’s Anvil has been in the files for months, possibly since last Halloween!


31 thoughts on “Here Are The Emblem Prizes

  1. Do we start the 16 hour build and then wait to go further? I had the census dialogue with Marge as well. I am just checking before I put everyone on jobs.

      • Thanks. I still have 11 hours left, so I will put the others on tasks. Any word on who needs to be free at the end of the build?

  2. anybody else having issues with not being able to visit your neighbors? my game either freezes or crashes whenever i try to

  3. wow you get 1 emblem for every neighbours building you tab meaning you can only get 300 a day?
    so unless the quests from number 1 give alot of emblems this isnt going to work (btw add me)

      • Mine too! When I click to collect them in towns – even after they have their hall built, they don’t show up!! 😦

      • The same thing is happening to me. I managed to get emblems from a few friends, now its saying 0 emblems for 0 friends. Not sure if to continue visiting friends or not. I’m getting $ and the pyramid shows up my friends buildings.

  4. Still cannot get any emblem ss from friends towns. Also where is the land!!!!!!!!! Got no more room and although I’m a completionist I haven’t been over generous in land space for any building.

  5. Ive completed the first 4 parts it said new one’s would be ready is 35 mins. Well now i click on number 1 i get a flash of a window but thats it.
    I got the daily parchment puzzles but will the other sort out. Is any one else having this problem.

  6. Once you are able to spy on your neighbors keep in mind that you can spy in your neighbor’s Krustyland, but remember to check your KL for spies.

  7. Thats sorted now, not sure how but its working ok.
    Is there a limit when visiting friends?, as the tokens have stopped now. I wonder if there is a daily restriction.

  8. Had the Same issue like Dave Earle. Stopped at 46 Emblems for today. It seems there is a daily restriction, yes. If you click the exclamation mark icon in the left corner it says I got 0 emblems from friends left today. Maybe the counter isnt a daily reset counter. We´ll see.

  9. Me too. I had 0 Eblems and 0 friends yesterday and today too. When I click on the cameras all I get is money. Who needs more money 😦

    • I left my friends towns to put in laundry and came back only to find I couldn’t collect emblems anymore. What’s up with that?! U can’t leave ur neighbors and come back to keep collecting? Is there a limit? Dumb.

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