Some Stonecutters Walkthroughs Available Now


You’ll be happy to know that this event comes with a crazy amount of quests. I haven’t finished writing them all up yet, mostly because it takes forever to do, but here’s what I’ve got done so far;

  • Game of Stones
  • The Secret of the Cut Stone
  • It’s Just Swamp Gas (PREMIUM)


Here’s what I’m still working on;

  • Welcome to the Stonecutters (Specific missions for each Stonecutter skin)
  • Side Quests (Bits with just one or two parts)


I’m hoping to have those done by tomorrow, but in the meantime, head over to the new Stonecutters 2014 Event Page to see the walkthroughs that are done. The event page is also incomplete but I’ll finish it when I’m done writing the walkthroughs. I’ll update you when more stuff become available.


9 thoughts on “Some Stonecutters Walkthroughs Available Now

  1. As a kindle user I just got the update tonight. ..yay! Sadly my game is freezing and if I dare try to visit neighbors the whole thing crashes. I missed out on easter for the most part due to issues lost most of my neighbors when I finally was able to get back in. Now ive built back my neighbors and really really hoping its fixed quicker than last time. Anyone else having issues?

  2. the task window can’t open!
    (If it opens, it close at the moment)
    What should I do to this?
    Is anyone who have same problem?

  3. I am really loving this new event! It feels so much like the old ones and there’s lots to do and it’s more interesting! yay:D

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