Answers To The Sacred Parchment Riddles

Can’t figure out the answers to the Sacred Parchment riddles? Don’t worry, get the answer to ALL 24 of them HERE!

Keep track of your progress HERE!

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9 thoughts on “Answers To The Sacred Parchment Riddles

  1. does anyone else have a ” trapped ” smithers ?? he went to the plant 2 days ago and i can’t get him back !!!uninstalled twice , u can’t click on him and in the spy roll call it says “error”
    please help him !!!

  2. This happened to me a few weeks back, i got round it by storing and then unstoring the power plant………HTH!

  3. I’ve got a question:
    When the stonecutter event is over, will number 1 get tasks? You can find him at the town census wich includes all PLAYABLE characters. So will he or won’t he get tasks?

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