‘Store All’ Function Temporarily Disabled

Remember that awesome ‘Store All’ function that EA introduced with the Stonecutters Event? Well, they disabled it temporarily because there were issue with it. Apparently, when you stored everything, it would sell all of your tree and shrubs as well as your premium stuff is some cases! Here’s what EA said on the official forum:


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The Store All button has been temporarily disabled, as we work on improving its functionality.

We are working to bring this exciting new feature back to your towns and thank you for your patience.


4 thoughts on “‘Store All’ Function Temporarily Disabled

  1. Is anyone else having problems storing simple things into there storage prompting things like limos, trash cans, white picket fences, and so on

  2. I cannot store plants and such bit I discovered I had 1307 palm trees :/ I never bought them the number just keeps going higher , hope they fix this issue too! Other than that love the update!

  3. Can’t store decorations at all, not even buildings… and that’s when I can actually log onto the game. Since the stone cutter update I can’t use tapped out on my tablet, no matter what account I log in with. EA are just, urgh.

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